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(Preorder) AirTumTec -120 days Long-Lasting Self-Disinfecting Spray

(Preorder) AirTumTec -120 days Long-Lasting Self-Disinfecting Spray

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A vital protection for your home - providing you and your family with a long-lasting Antimicrobial surface protection that is certified to last for 120 days with each application.

👍 Better to be applied on :
1️⃣. Hands / Body
2️⃣. School Uniforms / Bags
3️⃣. Strollers / Riders / Carriers / Car seats
4️⃣. Beds / Cribs / Sofas
5️⃣. Kitchen Counters / Basin Taps
6️⃣. Toilet Seats
7️⃣. Switches / Door / Fridge Handles / Knobs
8️⃣. Fabric / Stainless steel / Polypropylene plastic / Glass / Wood / Magnet and any other surfaces
9️⃣. Aircon filter/ Air Purifier vent & filter

🫶🏻 Benefits :
1️⃣. Protect against 99.9% germs
2️⃣. Certified Durability
3️⃣. Essential protection for homes / outdoors
4️⃣. Works on any surface
5️⃣. Alcohol Free and Non-Toxic
6️⃣. Safe for Pets & Children (even newborns!)
7️⃣. No hazardous resonance (reso-charge) leaching, non-cytotoxic


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AirTumTec Pro is the FIRST spray-on coating listed by Singapore National Environment Agency (NEA), Ministry Of Sustainability and The Environment - The ONLY Class A long-lasting disinfectant coating to achieve ASTM D4060 (American Standard) with 2,000 abrasion cycles for long-lasting effectiveness against COVID-19 Virus. AirTumTec’s water-based proprietary formulation is TUV SUD certified, also certified safe for food contact surfaces US FDA1 guidelines and approved by FDA2. Certified child-safe (EN-71), non-cytotoxic and safe on skin, AirTumTec’s active ingredient is based on a natural mineral extract that is also approved for food use by the US EPA3 

Proudly made in Singapore.

AIRTUMTEC® products are internationally certified and widely applied in industries like public transport, infant care/ preschools, confinement centres, retail malls, F&B etc. Available in standard sizes for home usage and travel-friendly sizes for your convenience!

 AirTumTec Long-lasting Self-disinfecting Wipes combines the same revolutionary long-lasting protection against viruses and bacteria with the convenience of handy wipes for all types of surfaces, at home or travelling.

One wipe immediately protects the surfaces against 99.99% of Coronaviruses, HFMD, E-coli, Salmonella and more for up to 7 days. AirTumTec is certified food safe (FDA standards), non-toxic, child-safe, non-allergenic and safe for skin contact.

Use AirTumTec wipes to disinfect and protect your phones, laptops, kids toys, kids accessories, eating utensils, hands, and any other surfaces.

Protect yourself and your loved ones today with our handy and long-lasting disinfecting wipes.

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