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IMJUICE Premium NFC Organic Juice

IMJUICE Premium NFC Organic Juice

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Premium quality NFC Juice hot-selling in Korea and Taiwan

1 box has 30 packets


The NFC (Not From Concentrate) juices from ImJuice is a healthy drink for both kids and adults! We have tested them and can vouch that they are both tasty and nutritious!

NFC = No added sugar, No purified water, No colouring NOR preservatives. 100% Squeezed Juice. Not from juice extract/ syrup

These NFC beverages are the perfect choice if you are:

A busy mom/dad looking for a quick and healthy snack for your kids

Dislike eating fruits or vegetables but want to load up on vitamins and antioxidants from natural food

An adult who wants to stay energized and focused throughout the day

Looking for a convenient drink pouch for breakfast/lunch/dinner

Tip to enjoy the juice further: having it chilled!



Apple Juice Ingredients: 100% Apple (110ml / pouch) ( Suitable for 6Months +)

Good source of hydration for baby. Contains vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that can help support the growth and development of baby. Supports heart health & brain function, relieve symptoms of asthma, reduce risk of certain cancers and aids weight loss for adults.

ABC Juice Ingredients: 50% Uiseong grown Grown, 25% Jeju Clean Beet, 25% Jeju Carrot (120ml/ pouch)

( Suitable for 12Months +)

Slows down ageing, enhances vision, boosts memory, combats common infections.

Im Morning Juice Ingredients: 50% Apple, 20% Carrot, 10% Kale, 10% Cabbage, 10% Green Apple (120ml/ pouch) ( Suitable for 12Months +)

Antioxidant boost, reduce inflammation in gut and promote healing of digestive tract, promotes healthy eyes.

Pear and Bellflower Ingredients: 95% Pear, 5% Balloon Flower (110ml/ pouch) (Suitable from 10months+)

Good for sore throat and cold. Effective in removing phlegm and mucus. Commonly used as treatment for cough and bronchitis.

Apple :$ 55 ( 30 pouches)

ABC : $58 ( 30 pouches )

Im Morning :$60 ( 30 pouches )

Pear and bellflower :$56( 30 pouches )

Starter pack :$ 42 ( 20 pouches) 

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