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(Preorder) Klug Stretching Massager

(Preorder) Klug Stretching Massager

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Klug Stretching Massager is for these people! 

1. If you are desk bound for more than 8 hours and suffer from stiff neck 

*Dynamic Program Mode, Neck/Shoulder Program Mode*

The movement of pulling your neck forward and rotating it side to side/diagonally will refresh everything from the back of your neck that is always tight to your heavy and painful head

2. If you don’t have enough time to straighten your back

*Back and Waist Program Mode , Stretching Program Mode*

It gently stretches the lower back along the joints of the spine from the cervical to the lumbar vertebrae, so even the lower back that has become accustomed to a slouched posture is relieved

3. If you suffer from stiffness around the pelvis

*Pelvic Program Mode*

The “pelvic intensive stretching program" repeats movements that alternately relax the side muscles and the muscles around the hip joint. It Massages the body and Relieves stiffness around the pelvis

4. If your muscles are stiff due to being in the same position for a long time or lack of exercise

*Twist Program Mode*

The muscles on the side of the torso tend to get tight if you don't make the time to exercise them. Even those who do not know how to properly relieve stiff muscles can lie down on a stretching massager. Squeeze your body as if twisting it to both sides to help expand the range of motion in the side


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