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MNTL Magnetic tiles

MNTL Magnetic tiles

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All MNTL magnetic tiles are made from the highest quality food-grade ABS plastics. Their magnets used in the tiles are bigger and stronger, with reinforced rivets which enable our children to safely explore STEAM concepts

Compatible with connetix and magnatiles 


Key benefits of playing MNTL magnetic tiles:

✔️Educational toy for early childhood education

✔️Helps children unlock their creativity

✔️Designed to support cognitive and motor development

✔️Encourage creativity, imagination and learning through play

✔️Build teamwork and social communication skills

✔️Learn STEAM concepts ( Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics)

Technology: Original Design & Welding & Rivet

Certificate: EN71,ASTM,CPSC,AS/NZS ISO 8124, CCC

Recommended Age: 3+

 What is in each box? 

T06 : Can choose either Classic or Pastel (108 pieces) 
Relatively complete set. Has the whole set of different functional tiles in MNTL series. 
If you'd like to build more structures, can consider getting add-ons like the ferris wheel series. Good for using it as a starter pack to build a few structures. This set is one of the best-sellers! 
T05 : Only comes in one colour -Pastel (56 pieces) 
Not sure if you like magnetic tiles? Just want to try something out first?  U can consider this! This set is also good as gift for festives/birthdays! 
G8118: Ball run series ( 100 pieces) 
Basic pack to kick start building a structure which is fun and engaging for your LO!
G8213: Car Track series (52 pieces)
Car is batteries operated. (Batteries not included in purchase) 
Good entry pack to try out how the car track is. Groove in the middle of the tiles prevents the car from going off track. Stickers can also be sticked onto the signages for more elaborated fun! This is was sold out last year - best seller for car track! 
  T08: Building tiles (120 pieces) 

* Pictures are for illustration of the tiles for combination references. For Colour options, please refer to the options. 



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